Tech jobs: Seeing the big picture

The roles of architects and engineers in the building industry have been defined for more than 6,000 years. Not so the role of professionals in the IT industry.This is Mr Ong Whee Teck’s preamble to the software architecture course he teaches undergraduates at the National University of Singapore (NUS).


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More officers, better technology: Home Team unveils security roadmap

Over the next five years, the ministry’s expenditure will increase from 1.1 per cent of nominal GDP in FY2014 to 1.3 per cent, and about 2,000 more officers will be added to its current pool in the same time, DPM Teo Chee Hean says at the Committee of Supply 2015 debate in Parliament.


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Technology skills in demand in Singapore

Technological skills in demand in 2013

Technological skills in demand in Singapore in 2013

IT professionals who are focused on solutions for cloud, mobile, and social networking technologies have seen a huge growth in demand for last year, 2013. However, like all other positions in the banking and financial services industry, employers want candidates who are not only technologically literate but possess strong management and communication skills.

Be protectors of computer networks as Network security specialists!

Network security specialists monitor computer networks for security threats or unauthorized users. They analyze security risks and develop response procedures. They determine who have access to which information, and then plan, coordinate and implement information security programs.

In addition, they develop and test software deployment tools, firewalls and intrusion detection systems. Using a multi-layered approach, they use their expertise and up-to-date knowledge to help protect against Web threats that facilitate cyber crime, including malware, phishing, viruses, denial-of-service attacks, information warfare and hacking.

Be heroes of computer crimes as Cyber investigators!

Do you want a career as a cyber investigator of computer crimes? Then you may need a Masters in Computer forensics to help you ensure the overall integrity and durability of the network infrastructure of your company.

Computer forensics is the application of investigation and analysis techniques to gather evidence from a computing device in a way that preserves the integrity of the evidence for use in a legal case. The goal of computer forensics is to perform a methodical investigation while retaining a documented chain of proof to find out exactly what happened on a computing device and who was responsible for it.

Today, it is used to investigate a wide variety of crimes including child pornography, fraud, espionage, cyber stalking, murder and rape.