I used Google Maps to create a list of recommendations for my friends — and you should too, Business Insider

In February, Google rolled out an update to both iOS and Android devices that lets people build and share curated lists of recommended places within Google Maps — a.k.a. the exact tool I needed. Users can now follow their friends’ lists, as well as view and edit them on the desktop version of Maps. Lists are also available to view and edit offline.

I decided to build my own recommendations list in Maps, eliminating what now seems like my very archaic Notes version. Here’s how it worked for me — and why everyone should do it, too.

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Here’s how to use Memoji, the popular new app that turns your selfies into emoji, Business Insider

Facetune has long been known for beautifying even our worst selfies, but now it wants to try something new: emojifying them.

A new app from the selfie editor takes photos of your face and gives them emoji expressions — laughing, crying, blowing kisses, getting sick, etc. They can be still images or turned into GIFs and videos, often with surprising (and frightening) results.

Called Memoji, this iPhone app can be used on your own face by snapping a quick selfie or can take imported images of someone else and contort them into emoji.

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