Instagram now lets you post 10 photos and videos at once, CNET

To all those people who can never figure out which photo they want to post from that birthday party or concert, Instagram has a suggestion: Post ’em all.

The Facebook-owned app said Wednesday it will let people upload and post up to 10 videos and photos at a time. You’ll be able to swipe through them on your Instagram feed like slideshows or photo carousels.

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Google helped build an app that designs you a personalized dress based on your lifestyle


This little robot is your new language-learning buddy, CNET

Learning a new language can be rough. Casio knows this, and has made a mini-language partner for you in form of the Lesson Pod.

The Lesson Pod is a charming desktop buddy that acts as both a conversation partner and instructor, providing accurate spoken sentences that you can practice at home or on the go. The little guy stands at only 11 centimeters tall and is slightly thicker than a can of soda.

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Like it or not, Facebook is going to start autoplaying videos with the sound on, Business Insider

Get ready for the videos you scroll past in your Facebook feed to play with the sound on.

After initially muting videos by default, Facebook announced on Tuesday that videos on its social network will now play with the sound enabled.

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