The iPhone hologram projector is real — here’s how to make one

It’s really simple to build a projector for your smartphone to be able to project the same types of holograms seen in Star Wars and other movies. Here’s how!

The illusion is based on Pepper’s Ghost, a theater effect dating back to the 16th century.

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Google’s AI can translate language pairs it has never seen, Engadget

Google’s AI is not just better at grasping languages like Mandarin, but can now translate between two languages it hasn’t even trained on. In a research paper, Google reveals how it uses its own “interlingua” to internally represent phrases, regardless of the language. The resulting “zero-shot” deep learning lets it translate a language pair with “reasonable” accuracy, as long as it has translated them both into another common language.

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19 things in tech we’re thankful for this year – Business Insider

Ah, Thanksgiving.

Turkey. Stuffing. Arguing over fake news stories with your crazy uncle.

What’s not to love?

Thanksgiving is a time for reflection, so the Business Insider tech reporting team likes to look back at all the products, services, and other tech gizmos we’re thankful for each year.

Keep reading to see our picks.

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28 Facebook tips and tricks everyone should know – Business Insider

More than a billion people use Facebook every single day.

It’s the app you likely spend the majority of your time using on your phone or the website you pull up more than you care to admit. Whether you’re finding the latest news or trying to stay in touch with friends, checking Facebook can become an addictive habit.

We’ve collected some of the best tips and tricks you may not know about — from hiding people you don’t want to see on Facebook to managing notifications.

It’s time to start using Facebook like a pro:

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We got our hands on Snapchat’s Spectacles — here’s what it’s like – Business Insider

Snapchat’s Spectacles are here, but they are not so easy to find. The new wearable device is only available in certain vending machines that are popping up randomly across the United States. It captures video and sends it automatically to your Snapchat app. Our friends at Cheddar loaned us a pair to try out.Here’s what it’s like.

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Google is launching a new standalone app to help you scan in all your childhood photos – Business Insider

Google is launching a new app to help make it easier to scan and digitize your printed photos.

On Tuesday, Google will launch PhotoScan, a standalone app that allows you to scan in print photos in a matter of seconds. The app will be available on both iOS and Android, although will only be available on Android at launch.

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This startup raised $750,000 on Kickstarter to replace your Fitbit — and your eyeglasses – Business Insider

People with glasses usually wear them every day. Most people would head home instead of going a day without their glasses.

You can’t say the same thing about modern wearables, like Fitbit or Apple Watch.

That’s why Tiantian Zhang, Aaron Rowley, and Jason Gui founded Vue, a startup building a pair of smartglasses that can track your activity and replace your headphones for calls, too.

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Facebook Workplace gets a new customer: Singapore, CNET

Facebook, not content with sucking hours away from your personal life, is hoping to build an equally successful platform for the office, one to compete with Slack.

Now, it’s gained a fairly significant customer in the government of Singapore, said Peter Ong, head of the Singapore civil service. The Singaporean government will move all of its public service officers, some 143,000 of them, to Facebook’s new platform by March of 2017, according to ZDNet.

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