Testimony from current Advanced Diploma in Information Technology student, Erwin Leonardy Musa


“I am pleased that MDIS is able to give the impetus to jump on the bandwagon of this lifelong learning. The trainings given are able to spark the curiosity in all of us. This is essential because candidates who are eager to learn are the people that the industry is looking for. The lectures throughout the year have taught me incessant knowledge that I wouldn’t get outside of MDIS. The modules are arranged in a way that it can be understood by students with some rudimentary knowledge and even by students who have not get acquainted with that particular subject. MDIS equips students with knowledge of the latest technology. Therefore, students can be ascertain that the materials that are taught by MDIS is relevant to the industry needs. Upon graduation I hope to find a job before I embark on my further studies. I believe that a degree per se is not ample to make a graduate stands out from the other graduates. Instead, the icing on the cake would be the skills and knowledge that you have amassed on this lifelong-learning journey.”


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