Testimony from current NU BSc (Hons) Computer Security student, Joanna Christine Bernard


My student life in MDIS is wonderful. One benefit of studying in a private school is getting introduced to new friends and lecturers from various countries. The projects and assignments that I am assigned to do are all of high standards. I was introduced to MDIS by my cousin. I did further research on MDIS and the courses offered via the internet.

Before I joined MDIS, I was studying in ITE. During my days studying there, IT has always been my area of interest. I love to explore the inside of a computer and explore different applications and programs on the internet. I decided to pursue my Diploma in Information Technology in MDIS. It benefitted me to a great extent. I upgraded myself with an Advance Diploma in Information Technology and eventually enrolled myself in Bachelor of Science in Computer Security.

MDIS is unique from the other institutes as it offers students with a progression study; from Diploma to Advance Diploma and then to Degree. I chose to study in Singapore because I am Singaporean. I will get the benefit of studying in my own country while obtaining a degree from a respectable overseas university.

Upon graduation, I hope to get and IT based job that focuses on computer security. The modules are beneficial to me. I hope to pursue my Masters while working. Earning a degree is my dream. I am halfway through the process. It will definitely open up opportunities in life. MDIS has prepared me with the necessary skills. I am ready for working life!


For more information on NU BSc (Hons) Computer Security and NU BSc (Hons) Computer and Network Technology , please visit:




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