Security Experts: Updating Software Best Way To Stay Safe Online

Google conducted a study to find out what security experts, as well as non-experts, think are the best security practices to keep them safe online. Both groups agreed on having strong passwords, but disagree on the top solution to fight against malware.

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Japanese hotel replaces all human workers with robots and the result is horrifying

I have seen the future and it is awful. The Associated Press, via The New York Post, has published a dispatch from the Henn na Hotel in Japan, which has recently installed robots to handle every aspect of your stay, including handling your luggage and checking in and out of the hotel. Yes, that’s right: To check into your room, you’ll need to first chat with a creepy she-bot like the one pictured above. DON’T MISS: Dinosaur egg treasure trove found in Japan This being Japan, of course, they can’t just have creepy humanoid robots — instead they’ve also got a dinosaur robot that’s been equipped with a receptionist hat and that greets you when you first enter. No, seriously. Source: AP Photo/Shizuo Kambayashi

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#mdis #stel #technology #sg50 #stelnetwork #since1956 #education