Splash Awards Talent Showcase 2015

The MDIS School of Technology and E-Learning attended the 2014 Splash Awards at the Singapore Management University on 18 November 2014.  Although our students unfortunately did not make the top 5 in the tertiary category, their work was no less remarkable, and we are all extremely proud of how far they have come and what they have achieved.

The talent showcase and awards ceremony was extremely interesting, with many innovative apps – all built to the theme of “Bringing Singaporeans Closer Together” – on display.  Of particular note was the winning app, “Apple Tree”, which won a considerable amount of development funding.  Designed to encourage people to spend more time talking face-to-face instead of being glued to their smartphones all the time, Apple Tree works by gamifying the social experience

When two phones running the app are put next to each other and left untouched, an apple tree will begin to grow on the screen and start bearing fruit after a while.  The longer the phone is left untouched, the more apples will grow, and the more rewards the user will be able to “harvest”.

Apple Trees will be released for free as part of Singapore’s 50th birthday celebrations in March 2015.

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