Leaked: K Box Singapore database with more than 317,000 names – Channel NewsAsia

Continuing the recent string of publicized security breaches, personal details (such as the names, contact numbers and date of births) of more than 317,000 K Box members were leaked to several media outlets. A group calling themselves The Knowns have claimed responsibility for the leak, saying that it was in response to the recent increase in toll at Woodlands.

This attack only highlights the growing importance of cybersecurity, and to the fact that companies need to start investing more heavily in this area. Mr Boland, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of FireEye’s Asia Pacific operations, agrees, saying that that most organizations simply have not taken the necessary steps to protect themselves but definitely should as long as they are collecting personal data from their customers.

The Personal Data Protection Commission is currently investigating the matter. An organization who fails to make reasonable security arrangements to protect personal data in their possession may be fined up to S$1 million.

Source: www.channelnewsasia.com

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