Microsoft unveils its first Android phone

Just as recently teased, Microsoft and Nokia on Tuesday unveiled a new Android handset, the budget-friendly dual SIM Nokia X2. The handset, which will sell off-contract for just $99, or around $135…


Microsoft unveiled its latest Nokia smartphone on 24 June, making it the first phone it has released under the Nokia label since the corporate giant’s acquisition of the Finnish group’s handset division.  While not a flagship device by the latest standards, the phone will ship out globally in July with a custom Android OS that has had the standard Google suite of apps and products stripped out from it and replaced with other apps from Skype, MixRadio, and Bing Search.  The phone will also be able to download exclusive apps from the Nokia Store in addition to the usual ones available from the Google Play Store.

Why Twitter is Buying SnappyTV

Twitter is buying SnappyTV for an undisclosed amount, providing content partners including major TV networks a platform to edit, share and archive live video and TV programming in the cloud.


Twitter has recently announced its acquisition of SnappyTV, a platform for live video-clipping, -editing and -distribution, for an undisclosed amount.  While SnappyTV users have been able to embed full-length videos into their tweets for some time now, the acquisition will enable Twitter greater control over how the service is used and folds into the company existing SnappyTV big-name customers such as Fox Broadcasting, NASCAR, the U.S. Open and Oracle.

World Cup gone hi-tech !!!

Even as the crowd cheers Germany’s latest win in the World Cup, few know about the team of scientists secretly working in a lab somewhere trying to crack the “World Cup Code” through statistical analysis of things like the average number of passes per player, his top sprinting speed, percentage of goalmouth action and so on.

While the idea of applying statistical analysis to soccer is not new – take, for instance, Germany goalkeeper Jens Lehmann’s successful guess of the direction that Argentina’s Cambiasso would aim in thanks to his knowledge of Argentinian penalty-taker habits – Germany is definitely taking things to the next level with its specialised analytical systems .

Watch the video here:

为卢卡斯本地区域总部开幕致辞 李显龙总理:须掌握数码媒体业发展潜能

李显龙总理指出,互动与数码媒体业是目前全球发展最快速的行业,本地的互动与数码媒体业在过去五年来增长超过1.5倍,达20亿元,接下来还会持续增长。 我国将致力于打造一个充满活力与创意的生态系统,并培养本地人才,以强化新加坡在互动与数码媒体业所取得的优势。 李显龙总理昨天在新加坡卢卡斯电影公司(Lucasfilm Singapore)新区域总部开幕礼上作出上述谈话。 李总理在致辞时,一开始就幽默…


Microsoft aims at gamers in opening E3 shot – Channel NewsAsia

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Microsoft aimed squarely at hard-core video game players on Monday, opening fire with “Halo” and a barrage of other titles for play on its new-generation Xbox One consoles.

STELnetwork‘s insight:

During the opening of the annual Electronic Entertainment Expo, Microsoft showcased exclusive content for Call of Duty, luring users to upgrade from previous consoles to switch to Xbox One.

In November 2014, Microsoft will also re-release the first four Halo titles in a package called the Master Chief Collection, solely for the Xbox. The collection will also have a digital series known as Halo Nightfall from producer Ridley Scott.

Halo 5 Guardians will make its debut next year in 2015.

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