Tech Trends in HR for 2014

  1. Big Data Lets New Jobs Find You Before You Even Know You’re Looking
    Companies thread through your LinkedIn profile, Twitter feeds and Facebook posts, and also your contributions in professional membership sites related to your job to determine if you are the right fit.
  2. Mobile Apps Are the New Job-Search Frontier
    Prospective employees are using their mobile apps to search for jobs.
  3. Companies Use Gamification In The Workplace
    Gamification is taking the crux of games—attributes like puzzles, play, design and competition — and applying them to real-world processes within the company.
  4. Re-think The Performance Review
    Key HR processes become more transparent by using the intelligence of crowds.
  5. Learning Will Be Social and Happen Anywhere & Anytime
    Learning from one another becomes an alternative delivery mode for learning resulting in increased collaborations.
  6. MOOC’s Will Revolutionize Corporate Learning & Development
    Huge savings for companies and creation of own courses to  train prospective candidates in the skills they require.
  7. Capture Your Organizational Klout
    Klout measures a user’s online influence in terms of their social media score, rankings on their thought leader boards in their fields. It can be used for job promotions.

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